Help us Preserve Rooney Lake:  Camp Croix Expansion

Rooney Lake Association Advocates (RLAA) Committee - Opposition to Expansion Objective Flyer
RLA Preservation Flyer Final.pdf
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Protecting Wisconsin’s Legacy of Lakes: The Case for Stronger Shoreland Zoning Rules, Eliza Simon - WISPIRG Foundation
Protecting WI's Legacy of Lakes.pdf
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The Impact of Water Clarity on Home Prices In Northwest Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, WI
The Impact of Water Clarity on Home Pric
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Shoreland Development Density and Impervious Surfaces - University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, WI
Per the Center for Land Use Education
How do they affect water resources? How much is too much for our lakes and streams?
The Impact of Water Clarity on Home Pric
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Protecting your Waterfront Investment - UW-Extension Center for Land Use Education
Protecting your Waterfront Investment_UW
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Additional Links to anticipated impacts that the RLAA (Rooney Lake Association Advocates) feels the expansion will have on Rooney Lake and it's FUTURE.


Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine:


Give Our Loons Room

We were fortunate to have loon babies last year that survived and thrived. If we have more this year, remember to give the babies and parents room. To review the rules:


Please stay at least 200 feet from nests and swimming loons.

Watch out for swimming loons. 

Don't approach nests, babies, or lone adults.

Babies cannot dive until they are 8 weeks old.

Slow-No Wake in bays and shorelines where loons need calm waters for nurseries


If you witness a violation of these rules, PLEASE confront the offender as they may not know the rules or that harassment of loons carry a State and Federal fine.

You may also call the DNR at 715-635-2101 or a 24-hour confidential hotline at 800-TIPWDNR (800-847-8367).


See loon nest areas below:

Easy On the Speed, Healthy on the Lake

 With our present excessively high water levels, we will have a healthier lake--that can better fight off invasive plants--and less erosion of our lakeshore if we operate our speedboats and jet skis at high speed only in the middle/deep parts of the lake and take off and return to our docks at slower, no-wake speeds. Powerful motors in less than 15 feet of water are very destructive to the ecosystem and cause more erosion when waves have less distance to dissipate.



Check our AIS page to find out the part you play in helping to keep Rooney safe.


Can you ID the invasives on our MOST UNWANTED List?

        Curley Leaf Pondweed              Eurasian Water Millfoil                  Purple Loosestrife



Camp Croix Shares Development Plans


Camp Croix Ministry and Master Planning
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Burning Permits Required

Fire Permits A Must
- Only burn when the fire danger in the area is moderate or low
- Leaf/debris burning is not allowed before 6 pm or on Sundays and holidays, even with a permit
- Recreational burning is allowed as long as there are no fire restrictions.

Click here for current burning information




Next Lake Meeting

Saturday, Sept 4th, 2021

Association Meeting, 9:00 a.m.



Agenda(s) and Meeting Minute(s)

RLA May 2020 Meeting_Minutes.pdf
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RLA May 2020 Meeting_Agenda.pdf
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Rooney Lake Association INC Sept 2019 ME
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Rooney Lake Association INC Sept 2019 Ag
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Rooney Lake Association INC Sept 2019 Ag
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Rooney Lake Association INC May 2019 Min
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Rooney Lake Association INC May 2019 Age
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Rooney Lake Association INC Sept 2018 Mi
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Rooney Lake Association INC May 2018 Min
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Lake Facts

Click link above or icon below for a contour map of lake, fish species & more.

Did You Know?

Did you know that studies have shown that even when controlling for all other variables, people who live near lakes, rivers and oceans experience significant benefits in terms of happiness, longevity and absence of diseases? Here's to your health!

Dump Hours

Scott Township Dump Hours:


Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day:
Wednesday & Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Labor Day through Wednesday before Memorial Day:
Wednesday & Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

$5 per garbage bag/recyclables free.

Click here for dump website & more info.

Contact Info

County Sheriff:  715-349-2128


Game Wardens: 

    (Webster)  Dustin Gabrielson (715) 733-0373
    (Grantsburg)  Chris Spaeth (715) 492-4075


Burnett County Zoning:  Jason Towne 

(715) 349 2109  ext.1371


Click below for a printable poster of lake regulations and courtesies we should all follow. Great for posting at the cabin for your guests.


Rooney Rules and Courtesies
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Bass Contest

Opens the first day of bass season and closes at sunset the Monday of Labor Day.
The Rules

- Bass must be caught on Rooney Lake during the open bass season.
- The contest is on the honor system.

To Register:
- Photograph the bass with the person who caught it.
- Bring or send by email the weight, length and picture to Paul Kipping. (Paul is at 29001 Hams Road /

Winner will be announced at our Labor Day Meeting and keep the traveling trophy in a cabin on Rooney Lake for the following summer..

Member Directory

List of names, addresses, location on lake.


For complete list with phone and email addresses, please contact:

Why Become a Member?

Membership Info


Association Dues $20

Bring to Association Meeting

or download dues form below.

Dues Form.pdf
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Rooney Lake Association
President - Sue Lanie


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